Mission & Overview

Mission & Overview


To fight for health equity and racial justice to advance the quality of life and human dignity of LGBTQ+ people.


TruEvolution fights for health equity and racial justice to advance the quality of life and human dignity of LGBTQ+ people. Since 2008, we have expanded our local advocacy to regional services offering HIV testing, linkage to care, case management, and emergency supportive housing for people living with HIV. As an LGBTQ+ justice organization, we focus our efforts on addressing health disparities in LGBTQ+ communities of color through community outreach, health education, and prevention programs.

Recognizing the gaps in comprehensive, culturally-competent behavioral health services throughout the Inland Empire, TruEvolution opened a behavioral health clinic in 2017. We offer psychotherapy, behavioral health risk assessments, support groups, peer counselors, care coordinators, and emergency trauma-response interventions with a clinical therapist.

Transgender health and wellness is integrated throughout TruEvolution’s services. Our clinicians provide mental health letters of support for surgical procedures related to gender affirmation, linkage to hormone affirming therapy services, endocrinology referrals, and ongoing psychotherapy throughout the stages of gender affirmation. We strive to address the entire health needs of our clients, including their physical, sexual, and emotional well-being.

As an advocacy organization, TruEvolution directs its community engagement and public policy efforts towards issues directly impacting communities of color in underserved regions. Such efforts include our Youth United high school outreach program, where LGBTQ+ youth can engage in health education and services within a peer-to-peer learning environment.

Community-based organizations serve a vital role in public health infrastructure. TruEvolution works in coalition with other community agencies to bring voice to the policy priorities and gaps in resources for community-based organizations and the populations we serve.


Each day, our members pour their passion, integrity, and intelligence into serving our community. We offer various services and programs geared toward educating and empowring the lives of LGBTQ people.