Care & Prevention

Care & Prevention

Linkage to Care

TruEvolution offers care services to provide streamlined and rapid linkage within 72 hours of a client’s diagnosis or enrollment as a TruEvolution client.

What is linkage?

TruEvolution defines a successful linkage by four milestone indicators:

1. Meet & Greet: Client receives initial intake into one of our partnering clinics. Your labs are drawn and you receive consultation from your Nursing Case Manager.

2. The Numbers: Client receives results from their labs detailing: 1) urrent viral load, or concentration of virus within your system and 2) urrent T-cell count, or the number of white blood cells still actively protecting your body. T-cells below 200 are often diagnosed Stage 4 HIV or “AIDS”. Please for more information In addition, your doctor will inform you of any viral resistance Click here

3. Viral Suppression: TruEvolution follows our client to ensure they have achieved viral suppression or “undetectable” status upon the 2nd follow-up appointment (3rd visit to the clinic).

4. Quality of Life: Upon preliminary diagnosis, TruEvolution immediately offers the client referral into the organization’s clinical therapy program where they will receive both one-to-one mental health assessment as well as referral into our weekly support groups overseen by a clinical therapist. Clients who indicate they are in need of ongoing psychotherapeutic / counseling services will be enrolled into our behavioral health program.

Case Management | Care Coordination

As part of the organization’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for people living with HIV, TruEvolution will guide and support your through:

  • • Understanding the healthcare system

  • • Navigating benefit counseling and insurance enrollment

  • • Provider translation for Spanish speakers

  • • Moving beyond internalized stigma, social isolation, and emotional management

  • • Provide referrals to any supportive or social services needed

For Inland Empire Health Plan eligible clients, TruEvolution Care Coordinators are able to facilitate medical transportation for service and linkage into onsite mental health and emotional support services. If you are person who has fallen out of care or is looking for a transition into other HIV treatment services, please contact or call 951-888-1346, extension 1.

Prevention Services

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) does not discriminate regardless of gender, age, race, sex, or sexuality. Anyone can contract HIV. Getting tested is a primary tool of prevention. By knowing your status, you have an opportunity to link into prevention options, such as PrEP and condoms and for those living with HIV, the sooner you know your status the faster you can get into care and achieve viral suppression or an “undetectable” viral load. We know that when a person is undetectable their virus is untransmittable. This is known as Treatment as Prevention. But it begins with knowing your status. Get tested today!

We believe that everyone should get tested routinely — every 3 months. TruEvolution offers:

  • Fast results in as little as 1 minute. 4th Generation Insti Tests are used.

  • Confidential sexual health screening and counseling.

  • Education and knowledge on the facts, the myths, and the steps to protecting yourself
  • Affirming sex-positive environment which focuses on reducing harmful behaviors and empowering community to live liberated and healthy sexual lives

If you would like more information on our HIV Testing Program, please contact or call 951-888-1346, extension 1.

Street-Based Outreach

The Street-Based Outreach program engages LGBTQ homeless, street-based and runaway youth throughout the five boroughs. The Street Outreach program distributes safer-sex supplies, offers harm-reduction focused HIV/STI prevention information, delivers food and provides referrals to our Drop-in Center and other programs and services.​

Community-Based Outreach

Our Community-Based Outreach program trains schools, community centers, religious organizations, and other entities that work with LGBTQ youth to ensure that they are providing LGBTQ sensitive care and to increase cultural competence among these providers. This program collaborates with other organizations on best practices and services for this population and participates in several coalitions addressing the needs of homeless, runaway, and street-based youth – representing the unique struggles of LGBTQ young people.​

Community Health Education

TruEvolution provides trainings for community-based organizations, hospitals, health centers, schools, conferences, and more. Our trainings center a sex-positive and culturally-reflective insight to the needs and disparities of special populations. LGBTQ communities, youth, LGBTQ youth of color, homeless populations, and those living with HIV are part of the communities we serve.
We are committed to creating educational and training opportunities to inform and equip institutions with meaningful insight on the populations we serve. In addition, TruEvolution has a team of behavioral health clinicians who are available to train on trauma-informed and evidence-based practices for working with these communities.
Our trainings are not one-size-fits-all. Rather, they are tailored to fit the unique needs of each setting. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • • LGBTQ sensitivity

  • • Transgender sensitivity
  • • Meeting the unique health-related needs of the LGBT community, or the transgender community in particular
  • • Promoting sexual health through prevention, screening, and treatment.
  • • Providing sensitive, affirmative, and informed care for special populations.

  • • HIV/AIDS education

If you are interested in scheduling a training for your institution or organization, please contact or call 951-888-1346, extension 4.


Each day, our members pour their passion, integrity, and intelligence into serving our community. We offer various services and programs geared toward educating and empowring the lives of LGBTQ people.