Rural Health Service Provider Network

Rural Health Service Provider Network

The Rural Health Service Providers Network (RHSPN) is a coalition of independent community-based providers serving rural communities across the United States. While the definition of "rural" varies, we hope to find a common ground in the disproportionate underinvestment of infrastructure, transportation, and geographic isolation experienced by many of our canyons, hills, plains, mountains, woods, and deserts. The goal of this coalition is to track, document, and advocate on the unique access to care issues and health disparities for vulnerable populations in rural communities. The coalition’s long-term advocacy goal is to secure a federal designation for the members and enable the sustainability of a vital workforce within the nation’s public health infrastructure.

  1. 1. Convene a members meeting every other month.
  2. 2. Host quarterly federal policy briefings in D.C. (e.g., legislative education);
  3. 3. Organize an Annual Technical Assistance and Learning Summit.
  4. 4. Organize two national in-person leadership retreats (WV and CA) for expert-level consultations, strategists, coaches for RHSP members.

Develop marketing and communication strategies (e.g., white papers, fact sheets, etc.) to advocate for annual federal prioritization of Rural Health Services Provider allocation.

The intention is to promote health equity, access to care, and organize community-based providers to lead a collective federal policy agenda. The community impact is to expand access to care; shore-up public health infrastructure; respond to regional health disparities; and promote minority community leadership.


Each day, our members pour their passion, integrity, and intelligence into serving our community. We offer various services and programs geared toward educating and empowring the lives of LGBTQ people.