Health Equity Advancement Lab (H.E.A.L)

Health Equity Advancement Lab (H.E.A.L)

HEAL aims to develop a statewide coalition of community-based organizations serving Black and Latinx populations in rural, desert, and underserved suburban regions.

The role of community-based organizations is vital to the public health infrastructure of local communities serving vulnerable populations, namely Black and Latinx populations. As healthcare policy and public health strategies work to meet the needs of an evolving HIV epidemic, centering the priorities of grassroots organizations will become even more crucial.

Program Objectives

1. Lead a community-based health equity assessment to identify the unique barriers, determinants, and disparities impacting Black and Latinx communities.

2. Build a statewide coalition of community-based organizations (CBOs) serving Black and Latinx communities.

3. Equip coalition members with tools and training to engage policymakers and public officials.

4. Develop a statewide advisory group of people living with HIV from minority CBOs to engage public policy and advocacy efforts.

Community Impact

  • • Advocate for key priorities and policy recommendations advancing the needs of minority-serving CBOs.
  • • Ensure the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV in the state’s plan to address PLWH in underserved regions.
  • • Promote a comprehensive health equity approach to address comorbidities and social determinants driving health disparities in communities of color.

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