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Condom Distribution Program

Condom Distribution Program.

Now Accepting Applications for the Third Quarter

TruEvolution would like to invite you to participate as a Condom Cooperative Partner. As a health and human service agency, TruEvolution is committed to promoting sexual health education and equipping community with the tools and information needed to live healthy and empowered lives.

The TruEvolution Condom Cooperative is a core component of TruEvolution’s objectives to distribute 250,000 condoms in 2018. As a youth-serving agency, TruEvolution is looking to identify key community partners with youth and young adults as part of its constituency, as well as a venue space that condom distribution is needed and appropriate.

If your application to be a part of the program is accepted, TruEvolution will send an initial box of 5,000 condoms as well as sexual health education materials and a list of our services and contact information for future referrals. Condoms will have to be picked up at our Riverside location: 4164 Brockton Ave Ste A, Riverside CA, 92501.

We ask that all community partners do the following as part of our cooperative agreement:

  1. Make the provided condoms available and accessible to the public.
  2. Keep a monthly tally of approximately how many condoms you’ve given out.
  3. A displayed photo of where the condoms will be located and advertised.
  4. Attend a monthly Meeting in person and/or via phone
  5. Complete an end of the year report on the total number of condoms distributed and any notes on items or resources that clients were requesting that could be paired with the condom distribution in the future.
Please note: If you are accepted into the program you will get a email welcoming you to our program and the condom pick-up days and times. We pull applications at the end of the month to ensure that we do one order. Please, apply before the 28th of each month to be considered for the next cycle of condom orders. It will take about two weeks before you will be able to pick up your condoms. Lastly, this program is open until November 1st 2018 and will re-open February 1st 2019.

Already Accepted and need more condoms?
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